Chemically-cured macrofilled composite

This conventional, proven macrofilled composite was our first one widely spread and in 70´s the only one composite available on the market. The progressive level of knowledge in composite resins as well as the everyday clinical experience showed that up today Evicrol conducts better in many aspects than other modern materials and is still very popular not only due to its economic accessibility.


  • core build-ups, particularly in combination with metal or composite prefabricated root posts
  • class III, IV cavity fillings
  • splint bonding

Characteristics and advantages

  • outstanding mechanical properties provide well-balanced durability, elasticity and low shrinkage
  • powder-liquid system allows making material of optimum consistence for different clinical cases
  • combinable with other composite systems
  • cost effective solution

Article No.
Evicrol™ 4121121

40 g of powder in basic shade No. 21; 3 x 10 g of powder in refill shades No. 25, 27, 45; 26 g of liquid 14 g of Evicrol etching solution; Spatulas; 1 blocks of mixing papers; 2 powder measuring spoons