About SpofaDental

SpofaDental a.s. is a traditional manufacturer of non-metallic dental materials. The company belongs to the group Sybron Dental Specialties, part of the Danaher Corporation.

SpofaDental a.s. trades its products through a network of 180 distributors in 57 countries around the world, with the majority of production heading to Central and Eastern Europe.

Production has been gradually concentrated in one plant in the Czech Republic, situated in the suburbs of Jicin and matching all the requirements for medical device production. The company is oriented towards Lean Manufacturing and continual improvement.

Our vision

  • To create a complex portfolio of products that can offer an entire solution for dentists and laboratories.
  • To compete not only with excellent quality products at reasonable prices, but also in the customer service area.
  • To innovate constantly the product portfolio using internal sources, Sybron Dental Specialties sources and cooperation with external partners.
  • To focus on the customer in all our processes. The company is trying to get closer to customers in every country by creating a network of Representative Offices, new procedures in distribution and constant communication.
  • The main values remain safety, quality, customer care and high effectiveness of processes.
  • To gradually increase the market share outside the traditional territory of Central and Eastern Europe and to introduce and register high-quality products in the South American and Asian markets.
  • To create a working environment for employees that will satisfy and motivate them to fulfill tasks and corporate targets.


The history of the SpofaDental a.s. stems from the tradition of the Czech dental production in the 1930s. After the gradual development since 1945 the state enterprise SPOFA-DENTAL became an outstanding domestic producer of non-metallic dental materials. In the 1970s the company exported a significant part of its production under the Spofa-Dental, trade mark to the countries of the former Eastern Block.

A remarkable turning point of the company was January 1994 when the joint stock company Spofa-Dental a.s. was established. In April 1998 the U.S. investment fund Central Europe Dental Products, whose administrator was the U.S. investment company Riverside Central Europe Fund, became the majority owner. The accession of this company meant not only a clear definition of the new management, but also the beginning of overall restructuring and revitalization. The basic directions of SPOFA-DENTAL a.s. for future development were defined. The main emphasis was put on the launch of new products, mostly from our own product development range and on the building of functioning sales and marketing channels. This resulted in the creation of an active sales network including proprietary sales offices in all CEE countries.

In March 2003 SPOFA-DENTAL a.s. became, in co-operation with Riverside Central Europe Fund, a 100% owner of Polish MIFAM TEETH LTD, a producer of acrylic teeth Mifam Super Lux. MIFAM TEETH LTD sells them to over a hundred of regular customers, being the best-known supplier of teeth to dental technicians all over Poland. In certain aspects Mifam extended the product range of SPOFA-DENTAL a.s. and made it possible for SPOFA-DENTAL a.s. to further develop its distribution channels in Poland.

And on August 4, 2003 SpofaDental a.s. became part of the U.S. international Sybron Dental Specialties/Kerr Corporation. For Sybron, SpofaDental a.s. represents an important strategic acquisition, through which Kerr will be able to enhance its presence in the key CEE markets. The well-developed sales structures of SpofaDental a.s. and its good reputation will help Kerr immediately penetrate the markets with currently small turnovers and in addition Kerr will acquire a strong base for further growth.

We are convinced that this strategic partnership will be beneficial not only for SpofaDental a.s. as such, but mainly for you, our customers, business partners and the broad professional public.

In May 2006, Sybron Dental Specialties was taken over by the Danaher Corporation.  SpofaDental a.s. thus became a member of a group of companies focused on Lean Manufacturing and continual improvement.