Complementary Materials

Universal opaquer and colour modifier

Offers full-scale system of universal opaque colours for dyeing of metal frameworks of acrylic veneered fixed restorations, dyeing under denture base resin e.g. on saddles of framework of removable partial dentures.

It is also suitable for toning and shading of crown resins and imitation of enamel cosmetic defects.

Characteristics and advantages:

  • very good covering of metal frameworks
  • good bonding to resins and metals


48132103 x 6 g of powder in VITA™ shades A, B, C (D); 4 x 3 g of powder in additional shades (white, brown, pink, grey); 16 g of liquid

Conalor Refills

481322215 g of powder, white
481322315 g of powder, brown
481322515 g of powder, pink
481322615 g of powder, grey
481323115 g of powder, A
481323215 g of powder, B
481323315 g of powder, C+D
481325025 g of liquid


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