Other Resin Materials

Self-curing adhesive resin

Proven material used for fixation of loosed veneers in fixed restorations, for repairs of involved occlusal surfaces, temporary splinting of traumatically damaged teeth and fixation of fixed orthodontic appliances. Due to its features it offers very good adhesion to the cured resin, etched enamel and metals with unpolished or roughened surface.

Characteristics and advantages:

  • curing in thin layers
  • excellent plasticity, easy slumping
  • colour stability thanks to the sulfine "redox" system
  • in VITA™ shades


4318200100 g powder 0 + 100 g liquid
4318212100 g powder VITA™ A2 + 100 g liquid
4318213100 g powder VITA™ A3.5 + 100 g liquid


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