Superacryl™ Plus

Denture Base Resins

Heat-curing denture base acrylic resin

Superacryl Plus is a denture base resin for total dentures, partial dentures and orthodontic appliances with high flexural strength, shape stability, durable adhesion to acrylic teeth, high color stability.

Superacryl Plus powder is available in a 500 g jar in shades: O (colorless), U (pink orange), V (pink/white, opaque), Z (dark pink), X (with fibers).

Superacryl Plus liquid is available in a 250 g bottle.

Superacryl Plus is indicated for: bases of complete removable dentures, bases of partial removable dentures, manufacturing orthodontic appliances and indirect rebasing of removable dentures.

Characteristics and advantages:

  • high flexural strength
  • durable adhesion to acrylic teeth
  • shape stability
  • high colour stability
  • easy finishing and polishing
  • resistance to breakage

Superacryl Plus

4328411500 g of powder O
4328412500 g of powder U
4328413500 g of powder V
4328414500 g of powder Z
4328417500 g of powder X
4328902250 g of liquid