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Dentacryl™ Technical

Methyl-methacrylate Casting Resins

Dentacryl is a product with more than 50 years tradition on the market. It is primarily intended for use in mechanical engineering, electronic industry, chemical and metallurgical laboratories. Thanks to its features it is also asserted in pattern making, creative art and household where it is very popular by all handy men.

Dentacryl technical is produced in form of powder and liquid. It polymerizes spontaneously - chemically initiated polymerization - after mixing and curing of both components a colourless or slightly yellowish mass arises, conformable to plexi-glass which is easy to cut, file, grind and polish. Dentacryl is sold at chemist ́s, shops for pattern-makers and markets with building fittings and fittings for handy men.

Possibilities of using

  • mechanical engineering – potting of guiding plates of punches
  • metallurgical laboratories – fixation of sections
  • households – repairs of cutlery, various tool handles, potting of cracks in xylolite floors
  • pattern making – construction models of railways, airplanes, ships
  • for sport purposes – repairs of skies (edges), ships, laminate products
  • for motorists – connecting of cracked shields made from organic glass, repairs of various buttons
  • other – manufacturing of breastpins, self-adhesive labels, decorations, original beads, picture frames

Characteristics and advantages

  • resistance to incidence of acids, alkali and salts
  • good electrical properties (specific dielectric strength)
  • resistance to thermal fluctuations (good thermal insulation)
  • outstanding mechanical strength
  • high tensile, compressive and transverse strength (filling material)
  • easy handling

Dentacryl™ Technical

    Article No.  
1000 g of colourless powder   4351200  
930 g of liquid   4353200  
100 g of powder and 100 g of liquid   4351100